July 4th, 2014

LET FREEDOM RING!!!  Our Nation was founded as “One nation under God”.  Our Forefathers built this country with the Word of God as its foundation.  Our soldiers throughout history and right now at this very moment are fighting for this country.  We are truly blessed to be a citizen of the United States.

God blessed us to be born of this nation with freedom of religion.  Anytime God blesses us we are to share those blessings.  With the Word of God as our foundation, God lifted our nation up to be the greatest nation in the world today.  He put in the hearts of men and women to go out and defend our freedom – we call them soldiers.  The soldiers, OUR soldiers, are a reflection of God’s glory and grace upon this nation.   Even the soldiers in our military today who do not proclaim Him as their God, He is using them to reflect His glory on our nation – “One nation under God”.  God bless our soldiers, for the Lord  has given them the heart of the Gospel “no greater love has any man, than to lay down his life for his friend.” John 15:13

No matter where we stand politically, we must stand as “One Nation Under God”.  While we respect our authority we must stand on our foundation, the Word of God.  Be “fervent in spirit” Romans 12:11 so others catch fire as well.  Catch a hold of that fire and begin to live in the heavenlies; begin to live as a child of God.  We don’t bring God’s Word to our level, we rise up to His level!  Thank you God for this nation and our brave soldiers who defend it!  We are blessed, live blessed.  – Donna Warren


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