If only we had as much faith in our prayers as we do in our complaints. The object of our faith (the Cross), not the amount of our faith, is what is most important. As long as we believe Jesus died on the Cross to give us absolute authority over the devil so we could have all the riches of the Kingdom of God, then we have the faith we need. Jesus died on the Cross so the devil could not rob us of our blessings. The Lord fought that battle and won.   Faith has nothing to do with the five senses, just your heart. We all have the measure of faith, it’s where you place that faith that matters the most. Many times it is easier to depend on the certainty of the past rather than face the difficulties of today or the uncertainty of tomorrow. Pray for the will of God in your life. If you feel like your prayers are not being answered quick enough, make sure your prayers line up with the Word of God and His will, praise Him for His wisdom in your life, then be still, get out of His way and wait. Pray for guidance and understanding while you wait. He sees the big picture and has already made provisions. He’s not busy preparing our blessings, He’s busy preparing us…but we must keep the faith in Him!


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