The discipline we render when faced with trials is one way to release our blessings. God’s will doesn’t always line up with our will. We must decide whose will we desire in our life. We may not always understand God’s will. We may even be angry and rebellious that we have to make such hard decisions. However, if we believe the Word of God and we understand the Kingdom of God is for us, we will then “Rise ye up, take your journey,…begin to possess it (our blessing), and contend with him (the enemy) in battle.” Deut. 2:24 We will ALWAYS receive the Lord’s mercy and grace, even when we question. It is up to us to decide if we want to go back to Egypt, wonder around in the wilderness for 40 years or through FAITH obey His will and recieve His blessings. God responds to our faith in His Word when we seek His will in our lives. We can do it the hard way or the easy way, long term or short term – as long as its God’s way you can trust its the right way and you will be blessed.


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