A revelation is not the same thing as information. There is lots of information in the Bible. We read, study and quote Bible verses for informative purposes. It is not until we become spiritually alive that the information becomes a revelation through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Once we are spiritually alive the Holy Spirit fills us, ministers to us, guides and directs us. All of the “information” we receive cannot be spiritually discerned by the unredeemed as a revelation. Once we acknowledge that the Lord is the source of our wisdom through His Holy Spirit, He begins to reveal to us His Word. Once this revelation is given to us, if not manifested, it becomes a missed opportunity.   Take the time to manifest the Lord’s revelations in your life as a Christian. Also, take the time to understand the unredeemed in Christ need to SEE the manifestation of the fruits of the Holy Spirit in you (joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, meekness, temperance, faith and love) for the Lord to be able to reveal Himself to them through you. Be available for God to use you today!


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