Sanctification is the ongoing process by which God sets the believer apart for a holy and sacred use. It is what begins to happen at salvation, the changing from the inside out that can only be learned from God, through His Word and diligently pursued by the believer. Many times we believe our “tests” come from then enemy to see how we will react to a bad situation. However, we can also be tested through our blessings. When the Lord blesses us, He expects us to share that blessing with others. All of these trials, tribulations and even blessings can be used by God to teach us He is the one we must lean on and He is the one who blesses us. God already knows our heart, the “tests” are showing US what He can do if we pursue His will. How far we go in the sanctification process depends on how much of our flesh we sacrifice. As a child of God we are all saved by the blood once we accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour. However, His glory is an ever growing glory. “Being transferred into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord” II Cor. 3:18 How much of the Lord’s glory we reflect is up to us. Don’t be afraid to glorify His glory and let Him continue setting you apart for a holy use in His will and His Kingdom.


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