There is a difference in fear and being afraid. So many of us “fear” the devil and are “afraid” of the Lord’s punishment. We are to fear the Lord, not be afraid of the Lord. Just as you wouldn’t “tug on Superman’s cape”, we should not test God. Practical fear of the Lord is knowledge. It is a healthy respect of His power which causes you to appreciate His mercy. Mercy is the motivator for love and there is no fear in perfected love. If we do not understand the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross, we will never understand perfect love. God does not want us to be afraid of Him, he wants us to fully comprehend His power and what He can do FOR us, not TO us when we are in His will. Fear of the Lord will cause you to stand up for the ways of the Lord because of His unwaivering faithfulness. It will make you forever grateful for His perfected love toward us. Most of all, fear of the Lord is no longer having to fear the devil because we understand God’s power and His protection over His children.


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