No man is infallible. Being filled with the Holy Spirit gives you the boldness for truth. Galations 2:21″ I do not frustrate the Grace of God: for if Righteousness come by the Law, then Christ is dead in vain.” Salvation, sanctification and justification come through faith in Jesus and The Cross. Hypocrisy is having faith in Jesus, yet seeking sanctification and justification through the Law. Another form of hypocrisy is speaking Grace yet asserting the Law upon the sins of others. This form of hypocrisy is used by enemy as a stumbling block for unbelievers or new Christians. It is a way of judging our sin against another’s sin.   Inconsistencies arise when we are compelled to justify our sins under penalty of the Law while having faith in Jesus for suffering the penalty of the Law. We cannot endure the suffering of Jesus for Him when He has already endured our suffering for us. Jesus’ ministry was of God’s righteousness and grace, not condemnation. As Christians, our life is our ministry. We can choose to live a life of persecution and condemnation or we can choose to live a life full of God’s Grace, declaring His Word and never allowing our Lord to die in vain – choose Jesus!


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