June 10th, 2014

When we conquer our enemies, we are still slaves to the ongoing quest for self righteousness and exaltation of men.  Nonbelievers live to be victorious, to fight their own battles and make their own way so they too can be counted righteous among the world.  There are many financially successful nonbelievers.  We see them on TV, may even know a few personally.  However, the devil will sometimes exalt those who do not seek the Lord for the purpose of keeping them from seeking the Lord.  If we never run in to the enemy, we could be running the same way as the enemy.  As believers, we take up our cross daily and labor not for the exaltation of our fellow man but remain humble in the face of pride.  We pray for wisdom and knowledge to remain meek among the prideful. To remain meek amongst the prideful requires more strength than the useless labor of  hasty revenge.   As believers we are rulers of our souls by living in righteousness of the Lord.  We understand the battle has already been won, our way has already been made and we take up our cross to labor for the Kingdom and not for the world.  We are counted righteous by God because we believe in Jesus and the Cross.  Stand steadfast and bold on the rock that is the Word of God when the sand of the enemy washes upon your shore.  – Donna Warren


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