June 12th, 2014

When you’ve been tried by fire rejoice at being counted worthy.   God uses the trials and tribulations to purify our heart.  Our troubles are not from God, they are from this fallen world.  Through faith, we call Heaven down and God reveals to us exactly how He turns all things into good.  This cannot be discerned by the unbeliever because it is our faith in which God responds.  Our revelation can come in the form of knowledge or wisdom to see the way out of our circumstances, it can come through strength to endure our circumstances or it can come in an almighty, supernatural way that is far beyond our comprehension.  Realizing that all of our revelations are supernatural, we look back and rejoice.  We praise Him for counting us worthy enough, for being faithful to us and always showing us the way.    Praise Him today for His provisions in your life.  Praise Him for counting all of us worthy enough to share in His Kingdom.  Rejoice that we’ve been tried by fire and as Tina Wakefield says “Refuse to live below your provision as a child of God”.  – Donna Warren


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