June 18th, 2014

Faith vs. presumption – both words mean to believe in something but it is the who and what we believe in that differentiates the two.  We presume when we get to work this morning the doors will be open.  We presume our loved ones will make it home safe.  God does not respond to presumption.  He responds to faith in Jesus and the Cross that is exercised through belief in His promise.  Then, when we turn it around and speak of God always being faithful to us, meaning He has always believed in us we come to understand His mercy.  The Lord did not presume we would be faithful to Him, yet He has faith in us anyway.  It is impossible to believe in the promise of salvation without faith in what Jesus did for us on the Cross because of His faith in us.  Even as sinners the Lord is still faithful that we will accept His sacrifice and receive Him as our Saviour.  All He is asking in return is faith in Him as well and belief in His promise – He will do the rest.   – Donna Warren

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