June 20th, 2014

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  In other words, when the enemy is acting up, praise God because your blessing is at hand!!  The enemy wants us to believe we’re under the Law of the Old Testament and God is punishing us.  He’s blaming God for his dirty work.  No!!  We live under Grace thanks to Jesus and the Cross.    We’re not being punished, God wants to bless us.  Don’t give up on your blessing.  Dig in and hang on because this battle has already been won! God just needs us to do our part.  Our part is throwing our hands in the air, praising God and believing in Him.  When we praise God in the face of the enemy, we’re getting out of the way of God and allowing Him to show His power and His grace.  Don’t let the enemy allow you to get in the way of your own blessing.  Show off your Jesus, tell everyone who you belong to and be a reflection of God’s glory!  –  Donna Warren

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