July 11th, 2014

HEATHEN TO HOLY ROLLER – I have often said that will be the title to my book when I get around to writing it.  The conversion process of a Spirit filled believer and the effects are quite interesting to say the least.  It is an unexplainable and exciting, constantly evolving growth that we call sanctification.  This “excitement” isn’t just for the new Christian, its an experience we call “life”.  It is the Holy Spirit convicting us and the Word of God convincing us that if it were not for the darkness we would not see the light.  It is often in our darkest days that we begin to seek the light.  We are born into a world of darkness and it is God who gave us the light, His only begotten Son – Jesus Christ.

It is in the dark days when we search for this glimmer of hope, this light.  It is only when we begin searching in the right places that we see the flicker.  The more we follow the flicker of light, the brighter it becomes.  Then while chasing this light we unknowingly turn away from our sins because we are too busy seeking the light.  We sometimes don’t even realize that branch was cut when we purposely denounce ours sins.  Then we look back a little while later and realize we have absolutely been pruned!  Yes, we are pruned!  Standing there without our fig leaves but stronger than we ever were before when we were wrapped in our armor of burdens.  The mere fact that we survived the pruning process produces a steadfast faith in God.  Faith because we see the peace that was given us during our darkness, we feel the gentleness and goodness through the cutting away of our dead limbs and the pure joy and love of living “in the light”.  Faith because we know without the light guiding us, we would have never made it through that addiction, that relationship, that darkness that engulfed us.  We are now totally and completely dependent on the light!

Then dark days come again.  The sadness, grief and just pure evil are still all around.  However, now  they aren’t as dark because we have the light that guides us through them.  We may stumble and try to beat down a door that is closed.  We may even bust through the door into darkness but when we look back, we see that light exactly where we left it.  We see Jesus – standing there, waiting patiently and faithfully in that hallway where we left Him.  The light never fades and it never moves.  The further we get away from the light, the dimmer the light gets.  Keep your eyes focused on the light – keep them focused on Jesus. – Donna Warren


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