July 18th, 2014

THE LAW – Keeping the Law of the Old Testament and doing what it requires is not what saves our soul.  Having faith in Jesus and believing what He did for us on the Cross is what saves our soul; which in turn imputes the law into our heart causing us to willingly WANT to obey the law.  The law is full of wrath and  makes no provision for mercy.  Quite honestly, the law is what scared me away from church all of my life.  I did not understand the Grace of the New Testament.  I thought that only my “acts of obedience” would provide me with blessings from the Lord; therefore my disobedience would bring down the wrath of God.  In the meantime, while being blessed and having a good life, I’m thinking I better stay away from that “God stuff” because I surely don’t want to arouse His anger – my life was good and I didn’t want to mess up a “good thing”.

Then one day I went to church.  It seems “life’s ” blessings were starting to wear a little thin so I thought I would go check out God’s blessings and see exactly what I would have to do to achieve those.  It was kind of like starting a new business.  I would abide by the Law and He would pay me by blessing me.  Well…I get to church and the pastor was preaching on the Grace of God.  WHAT?  I have to abide by all the rules and regulations and in turn He blesses me – that’s not grace; that’s a job!  But I keep going back to church every Sunday.  After all, this is my new “job” and I’m working for my paycheck.  All the while the Pastor is talking about grace, the praise team is singing about grace and the church is praising God for His grace.

My payday came the day I understood God’s grace.  The day I realized this “good thing” I had going, this “blessed life” I lived while NOT being obedient to the Law WAS God’s Grace.  Furthermore, these bad things that was beginning to happen was not His wrath for all of my disobedience; His punishment if you will.  Instead it was Him taking away some of my blessings that I had taken for granted.  The Lord was taking away my “silver spoon” because I did not recognize from where it came.  That silver spoon was GOD’S  grace on my life, all of the blessings of life were actually coming from Him.

God HAD to take away that silver spoon to save my soul; to bring me to the understanding that Jesus died on the Cross for all of my sins.  Hearing that and understanding that statement are two different things.  Jesus did all of the work and I was already getting the payday; I just didn’t acknowledge Him for it.  There was/is nothing I can do to “earn” my salvation.  Being obedient to the law wasn’t going to earn me anything but eternity in hell because I CAN’T be obedient without acknowledging Jesus.  Until I recognized the sacrifice Jesus made on the Cross and it was HIS work, HIS obedience and HIS love that enabled God to fulfill His promise of a prosperous life according to His will and eternal salvation for each and everyone of us, I would never understand grace.  Understanding Grace, believing in Jesus and having faith in God is what quickens us to obey the law but does not condemn us if we fail.  Condemnation for our failures would mean Jesus died in vain because we all fall short of the Glory of God.  But realizing our failures and praying through them enables God to reflect HIS glory through us.  Don’t allow condemnation to hide you under the rock, stand firmly on the rock of grace!  Have faith that God’s Word is for each of us!  Take your silver cup, drink from the water of life and go boldly with the power and authority provided to you by  the Grace of God and declare His Word!  Receive His blessings, thank Him for His blessings and walk proudly that Jesus saw you worthy of saving.  He’s counting on us to show the world His Grace!  – Donna Warren

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