August 1st, 2014

MINIMAL CHRISTIAN REQUIREMENTS:  Guilty?  Long ago, in a far away land, I was guilty.  I wanted to do the bare minimum to get into Heaven.  In the meantime, I was unintentionally giving it all I had to work my way straight into the fiery pits of hell.  I was even told  “God didn’t want me and the devil was scared I would take over.”  Surely I wasn’t the only one trying to eat off of both plates, was I?  I was thankful for all the material things I had.  God had blessed me with a wonderful family, great friends and plenty of adventures, wasn’t being thankful enough?  Um….NO!  I was indeed thankful for all the material things but I wasn’t thankful for the sacrifice made by Jesus in order for me to receive those material things.  I wasn’t thankful for God’s grace and mercy.  I didn’t understand at what cost my blessings came.  “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. ” Romans 5:8

I guess God finally got tired of me coming to eat all the good things off His plate, leaving a mess, then running out to play with the devil while He was constantly cleaning up my mess. (Sound familiar Mom and Dad?)    Eventually, I was being served beanie weenies without the weenies AND having to clean up my mess.  Talk about indignant!  Well – the humanity of it all!  God has a way of getting our attention.  You see, God NEVER gets tired of us.  He just wants us to realize whose hand is holding our plate.  He wants us to know these blessings didn’t come free.  His Son, Jesus Christ, paid for them.  The Kingdom of God is given to us freely, as long as we understand why and how.  God LOVES to give to us, He wants us to eat off of His plate freely but He is a jealous God.  We can’t eat off of both plates.

So instead of seeking the minimal requirements, we all need to seek the FULL Gospel!  Instead of seeking “just enough”, seek it ALL!  Rise up to what the Word of God says about our life.  We so often believe in the “small” things God can do but because it is beyond our comprehension, we don’t believe for the “big” things.  We, as Christians, ARE the body of Christ.  We demonstrate Christianity to the world.  As the body of Christ, we can’t only seek to find out the minimal imperfections and failures allowable in Christianity.  Everyone one of us make up the whole.  It is our responsibility to seek the full Gospel, bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit ( love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control) and with these fruits show the stature of the body of Christ.  Colossians 1:19 “For it pleased the Father that in Him all the fullness should dwell”.  Seek the fullness of God. – Donna Warren




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