Hearts on Fire!

What do we seek?  What is that feeling deep down inside trying to tell us?  Is it a longing for truth, righteousness and freedom?  Isn’t that what we are all seeking?

Why don’t we pay more attention to that feeling deep down inside?  What are we afraid of and why?  Are we just too busy to really explore that feeling?  That “feeling” we have in our inner most being desperately seeking truth, righteousness and freedom is the Holy Spirit  ministering to us, declaring to us we are a child of God.  We are too busy to explore that feeling because the enemy keeps us that way – that’s his job.  Satan knows if we ever slow down enough to listen, we will find the truth, righteousness and freedom we are seeking.  The enemy knows he is defeated; he just doesn’t want us to know that as well.  How can we possibly say no to what we have been seeking – the righteousness of God?

Are we bashful?  Are we embarrassed? What will our friends think?  I don’t know, I haven’t asked them.

It was the last night of revival.  The evangelist is making his last altar call.  Just when it’s about to be over he stops and says their is a woman out there and God wants you to know things are not going to get better until you turn it over to Him.  What?  Is he talking to ME?  But I AM too embarrassed.  I’m not necessarily bashful except when I’m out of my comfort zone.  What about that gut feeling though?  If feels like my gut has been split open and dissected. Oh my, I can’t, I just can’t make that walk down that aisle.  About that time a gentleman walked over to me and asked if he would go up with me, would I go to the altar?  FINALLY!  That’s all it took, was that one small step of faith and I gave it all to the Lord.  Whew – what a relief!  I was free indeed!

I was and am so blessed to have a pastor that was on fire for the Lord and mentors that knew as long as I held tightly to the Lord, His Holy Spirit would guide me and teach me the way to truth and righteousness in Him.  I was on fire for God!

As far as that evangelist, I still follow him when ever I can.  His name is Rev. Stanley Owensby.  When I first dedicated my life to the Lord I had people tell me how they loved to be around “new” Christians.  They loved to see that fire burning in them.  I never told anyone but that scared me really – I never wanted that fire to go out!  One Monday I was working and thinking about what everyone would say about “new” Christians and that fire.  Stanley was in revival that night but it was a long drive and I was tired so I almost didn’t go.  However, my friends and I loaded up and went anyway.   That night the preacher was preaching on how he stuck his finger in the socket 40+ years ago and that fire has never gone out!  Well, PRAISE THE LORD!!   God used Stanley to show me that fire doesn’t have to go away!  As long as I stay close to Him, the Holy Spirit will keep that fire ramped up as hot as you want it!

Don’t get me wrong, there are still trials and tribulations, but that feeling down deep in my soul has been inflamed!  The hard times come and then they go but my spirit stays focused on the Lord.  Many of you know this inflammatory touch of the Holy Spirit, there are some who remember the fire and then there are those who have never known the fire.  This world is a dark place.  We have generations coming up that will never know the fire if we don’t show them the power we have through Jesus Christ.   The Holy Spirit is roaming the earth today looking to inflame the spirit of those who will receive Him.  Our ministry is our life; it is our testimony.  Our ministry isn’t always behind a pulpit.  Our ministry is the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”  Acts 1:8.  Witnesses to the end of the earth!! Amen! – Donna Warren


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