Broken Bones

Psalms 34:19-20 “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the Lord delivers him out of them all.  He guards all his bones; not one of them is broken.”

Yesterday during our Sunday school class we were taught on the spirit of python.  During class it was mentioned how a python constricts when their prey exhales, not allowing them to inhale until finally they suffocate.  The scripture above came to my mind.   This scripture was the prophecy fulfilled in Jesus Christ at the Cross.  Not a bone in the Lord’s body was broken on the Cross.  The spirit of python does not kill its prey by breaking bones but by suffocation.

We, as Christians are the body of Christ.  God will guard us; the bones of Christ.  He will deliver us; the flesh of Christ.  The body of Christ will not be broken.  The body of Christ is not weak because of affliction, it is strong because of our God.  There are too many Christians in the body of Christ being suffocated by the afflictions of the enemy.  The itchy ears and the unbridled tongues are not the ears and mouth of the body of Christ.  The authority given to us in Jesus’ name is for the protection of the body as well as the reaping of the harvest.

Even Job misunderstood God and praised God for the works of satan when he said  “The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord.” Job 1:21.  God’s hands will not and have not afflicted His children.  God’s hands deliver us from the afflictions of satan.  God’s hands will not be broken by the enemy but will crush the enemy for the sake of His children.  Satan has access to the throne of God and is constantly accusing us, the body of Christ.  The enemy incites God to allow him to destroy us for our failures but God remains faithful to us.  Even at our worst moments, with the enemy at His throne, God declares us His children and does not allow satan to destroy us.  Why are we, God’s children – the body of Christ, so scared to declare our God in the face of the enemy when God is consistently already declaring the we belong to Him.  Satan knows who we belong to,  he’s just waiting on US to tell him.  Until we declare to the enemy our sonship into the Kingdom of God and use the authority given to us through Jesus Christ we will be suffocated out of the body of Christ by the afflictions heaped on to us by the enemy.   Instead allowing the enemy to suffocate us, we must use our authority to suffocate the enemy out of the body.

Jesus died on the Cross so we would not suffer the curses of sin.  The Lord gave us the power to overcome the force of evil.  The enemy has been defeated.  We, the body of Christ, need to walk in the authority given to us by Jesus.  We need to walk in this world proclaiming, declaring and testifying  the works of the Lord in our life and take authority over and in the face of the enemy.  The body of Christ is upright, faithful and strong; it is powerful in His glory and grace.  God is guarding the body of Christ and not a one of them will be broken! – Donna Warren


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