The Fight for Our Life

I watched a video the other day of a church drama that I thought summed up the fight we were all once battling in some shape, form or fashion.  In the video there was a young, 20 something year old girl in white who was peacefully walking along with Jesus.  Then a friend of hers, dressed in black depicting evil, begins to tempt her.  Seeing how much “fun” her friend was having, she decided to partake.  Then another friend comes along with another invitation and she again decides to join in the festivities.  On the stage you see Jesus standing at the far left calling for her to come back but she doesn’t hear Him over all the fun and festivities.  Finally, the once peaceful girl is at the far right of the stage partying with the devil himself.  However, there is something different about her now.  She is being tossed to and fro, confused.  She is no longer happy but in deep despair.  It seems as though the bottomless pit of finding the happiness she once had while walking with Jesus is a never ending pit of confusion.  She can’t find the peace that use to accompany the happiness…she can’t hear Jesus calling her.

Finally, when she no longer has anywhere to turn but death she starts running back toward Jesus.  As she begins her run across the stage to Jesus, the devil and his minions do everything they can to keep her from finding Him.  They know, once she finds the Lord this time, they have lost her forever.  The enemy knows once you’ve been through hell on earth and find Jesus you will find what your soul has been seeking.  That emptiness in the pit of your gut becomes a river of living waters.

So she begins to run back toward Jesus and the enemy is fighting her.  She is almost there and they have her pinned down.  She feels like she is not going to escape when Jesus comes to her rescue.  As she is knelt down in despair, Jesus is standing behind her holding back the enemy.  The Lord is giving her room to breathe; to breathe the breath of life.  The Lord saved her over 2000 years ago and she finally accepted Him.  When she needed Him most, even after betraying Him, He lovingly came to her rescue.  The Lord came and clothed her in a robe of righteousness.  The Lord came a gave her peace that can only come from on high.  He was calling her all along but she wouldn’t listen.

I believe this short video struck me because I remember that fight myself.  Although at the time I didn’t realize it was the fight for my life.  I thought it was me fighting the world when in actuality it was the Lord fighting for me.  In reality I was being deceived; hook, line and sinker, by the devil.  I had know idea that Jesus was what I was missing in my life.  My life had become not one of victory but of survival.

The enemy had so distorted the simple yet powerful Gospel of Jesus Christ, I wasn’t sure what to believe.  I knew I could never be “as good” as all of those Christians I saw at lunch on Sunday afternoons.  Seeing them and their families all nice and happy, I would think to myself “join the real world folks, look around you – times are tough”.  The problem was not them but me.  I was judging them, they weren’t judging me.  Fact of the matter is, I was one of the very ones they were praying for and reaching out to.

While wanting the happiness these “Christians” had but not being able to “live up to the standards” I rejected going to church.  Nope, not me.  I thought to myself, “I’m a lot of things but a hypocrite I will not be.” – another great deceit.  There is not one Christian who ever walked into church perfect.  It is only through the Lord that we now have our robes of righteousness.  As Christians, none of us are perfect but we are “…pressing toward the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:14.  The Gospel is written in our heart once we accept Jesus.  Our sin nature no longer has dominion over us.

The simple yet powerful Gospel of Jesus is only realized once we accept Him as our Saviour.  Until then our eyes are veiled by the devil.  All of the questions we once had about “religion” are then answered through His guidance and His revelation not through man’s knowledge.  This is why it is called taking a step of faith.  Just taking that first step of faith becomes the stepping stone to victory.

Today, I may be one of the “Christians” with my family at lunch on Sunday afternoons.   It may seem that I don’t have a care in the world.  You may think I don’t see the storms raging in both my personal life and on the news.  Make no mistake, I do see and I do hear what’s happening in the world.  The difference is I now understand from whom my salvation came and on Him I will stay focused.  The difference is I too, now have victory through Jesus’ work on the Cross.  The difference is I too am one of the ones praying for others to realize the victory they can have through Jesus.  The difference is Jesus.   – Donna Warren

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