All for Me

Thousands of years God declared war.  God knew in 1969 a baby girl would be born in a small town in Alabama.  He knew from the moment that baby girl was born, she had a powerful enemy.  An enemy that would try to destroy her.  That enemy never wanted her to know happiness; he never wanted her to know love.  In spite of what the enemy wanted, she did know love and happiness.  She was truly a blessed child.

That baby girl grew up and is now 45 years old.  For 45 years the enemy has tried to destroy this now “young” woman.  The devil tried to curse her but she never broke.  She often had moments of happiness and always temporal prosperity.  She was always chasing those temporal moments.  Worked hard then played hard but morning would always come.  As the temporary moments of happiness became further and further apart, desparation set in.  Work would become harder and the playing became less and less.

Finally, she realized she needed help…she realized she needed someone to save her.  No one could help her anymore.  The economy failed and all of her other “saviours”  were now fighting their own battles.  Then an amazing thing happened.

As it turns out, this little girl in an adults body found out this war God started on Christmas Day thousands of years ago was for her!   Yep, it’s true!  Can you believe it?  God knew this enemy named satan would come to kill, steal and destroy her from day one.  Knowing this He sent His only begotten Son that Christmas morning.  God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, that morning to defeat evil once and for all.  Jesus came to represent her in this battle against all of the evil.  The eternal and prosperous life she had been seeking was impossible on her own accord.  While she thought she was fighting the world, she was really busy fighting the enemy.  Doomed to failure, Jesus came to save her.  God didn’t want her sacrifices, all He wanted was her love. He wanted to save her before He would have to judge her.  Without her love, she wouldn’t know Him; she wouldn’t know His ways, only the ways of the world.  The enemies ways were the only way of the world.

Jesus came to sacrifice His life for her, so she could finally have the prosperity and eternal life she had always seeked.  The only difference is He didn’t have to sacrifice bulls and goats because of His sin.  Jesus never sinned, He was and is perfect.  Even though He never sinned, He still sacrificed for her so she could win this battle against the enemy.  He sacrificed His life for that little girl.  He hung on the Cross and died a brutal death.  It doesn’t stop there though.  When Jesus died, He took the keys to hell away from satan and at that moment satan lost his power.  Jesus’ work was finished and He now sits at the right hand of God.  ALL of this, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, for that one little girl that was born in small town, Alabama 45 years ago.  ALL of this in hopes she would hear about Him and believe.  So she would know and believe this enemy that she was fighting had already been defeated.  ALL of this just so He could save her.

This is my Christmas story but it’s not about me at all.  Turns out this world doesn’t revolve around this little girl’s battles but around the war God declared those thousands of years ago when Jesus was born.  Turns out that war was for every child ever born.  Turns out Jesus did this for the sinners and the saints in hopes we would all believe.  Yes, God knows how our story will end.  He already knows if we will choose to believe in Jesus Christ.  He has made a plan to prosper us (Jeremiah 29:11) if we believe.

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16. I finally found a Saviour who would not fail. I finally found peace and happiness during the storms. His name is Jesus Christ. His birthday we celebrate every Christmas. It was on that day God declared war. Jesus paid the price so I could reap the benefits with Him.

If you are reading this He paid the price for you too. You may already know this or maybe you’ve just heard about Him, in either case, He did this for you too. This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christmas day is His birthday. Happy birtday Jesus. Thank you. I love you too. – Donna Warren

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