Golden Nugget

” ‘And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, so that he will not destroy the fruit of your ground, nor shall the vine fail to bear fruit for you in the field,’ says the Lord of hosts;” Malachi 3:11

Many years ago in high school I had a group of friends that always exchanged birthday presents.  We would all go in together and get each other something “nice”.  One particular year, I received a piece of jewelry which I cherished.  I wore this piece of jewelry for almost 20 years without exception.  One evening after returning home, I noticed my piece of jewelry was missing.  I was heart sick knowing I would never see this piece again.

Fast forward eight years and my once cherished piece of jewelry had been long forgotten.  Eventually the sting of losing becomes numb with each progressive loss.  It seemed I was living from loss to loss instead of glory to glory.  Truth of the matter is, I was living far from God so any “glory” came from man, therefore producing only what man could produce.

Then came that night.  The night the preacher got up to preach but the Holy Spirit had other plans.  I’m so thankful for the pastor’s who yield to the moving of the Spirit.  It is the fate of souls who are in their hands when the decision is made to yield or not to yield to the Holy Spirit.  It is in that moment the Spirit is quenched or given freedom to have His way.  It was in one of those moments that the weight of the Holy Spirit’s conviction fell upon me.  All it takes is one inflammatory touch from the Holy Spirit to set your soul on fire…just one.

Since that night when I turned my heart over to the Lord, He started His work in/on me.  I’ve still had some losses but instead of a numbing effect, they have more of a cleansing effect.  Instead of stumbling blocks causing me to stumble, they became stepping stones.  The glory from man turned to darkness in the light of the Lord’s glory as I continue to be ” transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.” 2 Corinthians 3:18.

While having lunch with a friend yesterday, we were talking about loved ones and the “what if’s” in life.  We pray and believe for healings but ultimately God is the one who heals.  The fact of the matter is we are all appointed a time to die, unless we are taken up in the rapture of the church first.  This is why Jesus saved us, so we could have eternal life with Him.  Instead of saving Himself on the Cross, He saved us.  Jesus’ resurrection is the evidence that our debt was paid in full by His finished work on the Cross.  As it turns out, our loved ones were never “ours” to begin with.  Jesus paid the price for their life, not them nor me.  The Lord has blessed me when He gave them to me to steward through His love for them.  So when my husband’s being hard headed (sorry honey, secrets out) or my parents are being….well, parents, I try to remember they are only mine for a while.  “Behold, all souls are Mine;…” Ezekial 18:4.  This revelation causes us to be thankful to God for them and by default better stewards to them.  This peace only comes through understanding of Christ and Him Crucified, His finished work for our salvation and not from psychological motivation.

So, what about that cherished piece of lost jewelry my friends bought me almost 30 years?  While walking in the backyard yesterday, on a regular path I have taken many times, a sparkle caught my eye.   As I looked down, there it was, my cherished piece of jewelry.  Once I regained my composure, I understood the miracle that had just happened but couldn’t quite figure out what the Lord was trying to tell me.  As I sat down and turned on the television, Jimmy Swaggart was saying “the Lord is going to give back what the enemy has taken”.  Hallelujah!  That night at the altar, when I said yes to Jesus, He rebuked the devourer for me.  The Lord turned a hardened, weary heart to a heart full of love and gratefulness for others instead of things.  The Lord sent me a nugget yesterday to share with you; a golden nugget that shows He WILL replace what the enemy has taken all because of His love for you.  If the world is beating you down, just say yes to Him….He wants to rebuke the devourer for you too.

-Donna Warren


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