The Disposables

“…’Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’ ” Matthew 25:40.

Haven’t we all known unbelievers who problems were so great that you really just didn’t know how to approach them?  Then they are those who, because of alcohol or drugs,  have not allowed their realty to surface in so many years, they don’t even know they have a problem.  Every time they get a glimpse in to their realty, they go running back to their vice of choice.  These people are the ones whose hurt is so bad we tend to write them off.  I’m not talking about the ones you see on television at the homeless shelters, I’m talking about the ones you see on your Facebook news feed, the ones we meet for dinner and talk to on the phone.  One day you will see “the night out with the girls pictures” and then a couple of days later comes the “sometimes the strongest people are the people who hurt the most” poster.  We see the fruit of their labor but they don’t because it’s not tangible.  We see the enemy at work in their lives.  Up, down, up, down…every now and then they will reach out to God but the enemy will dangle a rabbit in front of them and off they go again.   That rabbit could be another night out with the girls or a fancy program introduced by your local church.  The rabbit will never point you to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified for answers to the problem.  The rabbit will always try to convince the sinners they are saints and the saints they are sinners.  That rabbit has a name…satan.

Sometimes it’s easy to write these people off.  We get tickled at their antics because we remember doing the same things.  Thank the Lord He doesn’t turn us into salt!  So we just laugh with them.  Their pain is too great and their vice is their god.  They become disposable in our hearts.  We no longer know how to help them so we just sit back and watch the train wreck.

The sad story painted here is not of the sinner but the saint; the saint whom has deemed the lost soul disposable.  The saint who has forgotten what the Lord brought them out of is the saint who has lost trust in God.  The saints who try to “fix” the sinner themselves, who  points them to a program instead of the Cross, have themselves been led away from the Cross of Jesus.  The good intentioned saints whose methods result in delays instead of delivery.  Trying to live for God in the flesh cannot be done.  The sin nature cannot be defeated when our faith is in our rules and programs.

Religion has crippled the saints.  A dose of scripture mixed in with psychology tickles the ears.  We think we’re getting fed the Gospel but don’t see the poison mixed in the pot.  We learn how strong we are but not how strong our God is.  The lost cross our paths and we can’t tell them how big our God is because we don’t know ourselves.  We know God as merciful, loving and full of grace – which He absolutely is by all means.  But our God is also jealous over His children, He will cause our enemy’s to be at peace with us and no one can pluck us from His Hand.  Our God is alive, still on His throne and still sovereign.  Jesus Christ came to defeat sin so we would not have to live in sin.  When we accept Jesus as our Saviour, our sin nature is quenched because of His defeat over sin.  It is us, who walks out the door of the church and starts chasing that rabbit satan is dangling.   But praise God, He is faithful and just to forgive us once we repent and ask forgiveness.  Once we accept the Lord, we continue to seek Him through His Word and the guidance of His Holy Spirit.  It is our relationship with Jesus that enables us to know Him; to know His heart.  Unless the Holy Spirit reveals this, we only have man made knowledge, not Jesus Himself revealed.  Until we seek a relationship with Jesus, we only know about Him.  You can’t get to know me through a mutual friend.  You may feel like you do, but you don’t.  It’s the same way with Jesus.  He wants YOU to know Him by what He says, not what others say about Him.  The Lord may be trying to chasten me and comfort you at the same time.  So when you come and sugar coat His chastening, you are in fact hindering instead of helping.

There are no disposables in the Kingdom of Heaven.  The saints can’t fix themselves and they can’t fix the sinners.  The saints aren’t called to “fix” anyone.  They/we are called however to preach the Gospel to the lost.  We are called to disciple the saints.  Jesus said “If you abide in My Word, you are My disciples indeed.” Matthew 8:31.  We can’t fix them, but we know Who can.  If we want to be disciples of Jesus Christ, we must point the lost to HIM and His Word.  The lost are not disposable, they are lost.  They are the very ones who need to hear the Gospel from the saints…but the saints have got to know the Gospel first.  – Donna Warren


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