Enough Then and Enough Now

Abiding in the Lord allows us the benefits of His victories.   Being covered by His blood is where bondages are broken, curses cast down and victory over sin, death and the grave are found.  Jesus’ blood was shed on the Cross at Calvary.  God doesn’t look at the person but the Sacrifice, Jesus Christ.  His sacrifice atoned for all, once and for all.  Don’t allow the enemy to come and replace your faith in Jesus and His finished work to faith in religion.   Religion isn’t what saved us but Jesus is Who saved us. The Lord’s finished work was enough to save us and His finished work is enough to keep us saved.  Be mindful of distractions aimed at misappropriating our faith….even if they do seem scriptural.  Do they remind you of how able our God is or do they remind you of how strong you must be in order to obtain His grace? Therein lies your answer.  Therein lies His grace…faith in Jesus and Him Crucified was, is and will always be where our victory is found . -Donna Warren.

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