Word of Faith Movement

Word of faith – the religion of counterfeit grace based on fear.  If you don’t confess that scripture, are you still righteous?  What about soul ties and family curses?  Am “I” responsible for breaking them to have victory or will Jesus deliver me?  I guess it depends on which gospel you believe.  The Gospel of Jesus says I’m righteous whether I profess it or not.  The Cross of Jesus broke that family curse when I accepted Him as my Saviour.  Breaking those soul ties goes something like this, ” Lord, please forgive me for my sin.” and then repenting.  The only requirement for victory is faith in Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.  Jesus can deliver me from that addiction, His Gospel will break those strongholds.  Pastors of the word of faith movement, who proclaim to preach the Word of God, point the Bible toward you instead of Jesus.  When we read the Word of God in context, it points to Jesus Christ and what He did…not us.

Can you see the religion?  It is still works wrapped in another package.  Our faith is placed on our works because of what we have done and not what Jesus has done.  This religion has our faith wavering from positive confession to breaking sin but calling it a soul tie.  We can’t break sin’s hold on us, ONLY Jesus can deliver us.  Grace is not grace if lack of profession results in fear of righteousness, healing and deliverance being in jeopardy .

These word of faith doctrines are not scriptural.  Scripture may be quoted but often twisted.  Word of faith whole heartedly embraces psychology into the church and is very seeker friendly.  If sin or hell is ever mentioned they scream legalism.  If you believe that Jesus Christ and Him Crucified is Christianity 101, well – you may need to go back to Jesus’ Christ and Him Crucified and repent.  – Donna Warren.

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