Reconciled to God

Since the fall of Adam man has needed a Sacrifice for sin to be reconciled to God.  From then until now mankind has tried to add to and change the Sacrifice God required.  This Sacrifice was for our benefit, not His.  The Sacrifice reconciled us to Him so we could be afforded all of the promises of our Father.  His providence, His strength, His power, His healing – mankind is provided these things and so much more because of the Sacrifice made.

In the Old Testament it was sacrifices of bulls and goats.  The sinner would lay their hands on the innocent animals head, symbolizing the transference of their sin to the sacrifice.  The sinner’s faith was on that Sacrifice for reconciliation with God.  They knew if their Sacrifice was not accepted, they would not be reconciled to God.  The blood of the bulls and goats atoned for their sin (restored fellowship with God) but did not remove sin from their account.  There is but One Sacrifice that removes sin from our account and that’s the Lord Jesus Christ.

My point is this, man has always needed a Sacrifice to be reconciled with God and their faith was always in the Sacrifice and not their works.  “For if Abraham were justified by works, he hath whereof to glory; but not before God. For what saith the scripture? Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness. Now to him that worketh is the reward not reckoned of grace, but of debt.” Romans 4:2-4.  Abraham was accounted righteous because of His faith, not because of his works or the Mosaic Law which wasn’t even in existence yet. 

I had someone tell me there is more to our Christian walk then just the Cross of Jesus.  She felt like I always wanted to argue when feasts, blood moons, shemitahs and every other wind of doctrine that has come down the pipe was brought up in conversation.  In reality, I wasn’t trying to argue but explain one simple truth.  I was trying to explain that I prefer to keep my hands on the brow of my Saviour, Jesus Christ, the only Sacrifice without spot or blemish that God will accept for my sins.  My faith remains there, at the Altar that His Blood Sanctified.

The sinner needs a Sacrifice to be reconciled to God and our Sacrifice is Jesus Christ.  Whatever else we may bring to the Alter is strange fire.  There is not any more to “it” then faith that the Sacrifice atoned for our sins once and for all.  We can glory in God or we can glory in man but we can’t glory in both.  Because of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified, we now worship in Spirit and Truth, not rituals and ceremonies.  The Lord can tolerate our spiritual weakness but not our willful ignorance.  He will build our faith when our faith remains on the Sacrifice, Jesus Christ but not when we “go further” then the Sacrifice. -Donna Clark Warren.

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