The Schoolmaster

Just shall live by faith23 But before faith came, we were kept under the Law, shut up unto the faith which should afterwards be revealed.

24 Wherefore the Law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith.”  Galatians 3:23-24.

The righteousness of the law was not “Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another.” Lev. 19:11.   The Law contained Righteousness but Righteousness that man could not attain.  It was the indictment of the Law, the “schoolmaster”, that brought the Old Testament Saints to understand their need for a Savior..their coming Messiah, Jesus Christ.  For those who properly understood the Mosaic Law, this indictment of the broken Law was a death sentence which pointed the Saint to the need for a sacrifice.  This sacrifice of bulls and goats was the only way to restore fellowship with God.  The blood of bulls and goats could not remove sin from their account but they were a type and shadow of the coming Messiah Who would pay their debt in full.  Again, it pointed them to Christ.

The fact that one does not steal does not make them righteous in the eyes of God.  There are many UNbelievers who do not steal.  What makes one righteous in the eyes of God is the fact that they know, due to their fallen state because of Adam’s original sin, that they are guilty and in need of a Savior.

The Judaizers who insisted on the New Testament Believers continuing in the Law were much like the modern Hebraic Roots Movement who insist on the observance of the ceremonial laws.  They too do not understand it was the indictment of the Law which brought to surface their need for a Savior and that their modern feasts are a mere symbol of their Savior.  They are in fact no more righteous than the unbeliever who does not steal in the eyes of God.

For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.

For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believes.”  Romans 10:3-4

Until we understand the indictment against us, we will not understand our need for a Savior and continue in our vain attempts to justify ourselves.  Glossing over our condition will not change the reality of our need for Jesus Christ and what He did on Calvary’s Cross for whosever will believe.  Observing sabbaths, feasts, festivals, ceremonies and/or traditions will not change our condition.  Faith…faith in the Living God changes the condition of our heart.

13 For if the blood of bulls and of goats, and the ashes of an heifer sprinkling the unclean, sanctifies to the purifying of the flesh:

14 How much more shall the Blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the Living God?”  Hebrews 9:13-14

Serve the Living God.  No man, Believer or unbeliever, is justified by the Law in the sight of God.  The just shall live by faith…faith in the Son of God, Jesus Christ, Who He is and what He has done for whosoever will believe.

-Donna Clark Warren


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