Are You Persuaded?

Persuaded15 Having abolished in His Flesh the enmity, even the Law of Commandments contained in Ordinances; for to make in Himself of twain (Jews and Gentiles) one new man, so making peace; 16 And that He might reconcile both unto God in one body by the Cross, having slain the enmity thereby:” Ephesians 2:15-16

God cannot give victories to fallen man.  The modern church is constantly speaking of victory and giving worldly methods to achieve such victory making them, the church, more acceptable to the world.  Let me be clear, when the church is accepted by the world, there is something gravely wrong with the church.

In His Flesh, Jesus abolished the opposition between our sinful flesh and the Mosaic Law so that we may be reconciled unto God.  It is by His Cross and His Cross alone that we are made one body and God is our God and we are His Children.  The Holy Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit, that we are a Child of God (Romans 8:16).

When we begin picking up worldly methods for our victory, we are rejecting God’s prescribed order and picking up another gospel.  God’s plan for our Salvation and Sanctification is by the Cross of Christ.  Jesus is the Source and His Cross the means by which our victory is given.  When we turn to 40 days of purpose or 21 days of fasting to obtain this victory, no matter how Scriptural it may sound, we are not following God’s prescribed order which is faith in HIS Sacrificial Lamb Who atoned for and broke the power of EVERY sin…not some but every.  Sin shall no longer have dominion over us.  We are free from the law of sin and death when our faith is properly anchored in Jesus Christ for not only our Salvation but our day to day living.

Allow me to say it again, God cannot give victories to fallen man.  Somebody said “I’m not fallen, I’m saved.”  Yes, if you are a born again Child of God, amen – you are in fact justified.  Praise the Lord!  However, when we step out of God’s plan for our victory, which is faith in the Cross of Christ for dominion over sin, we are seeking another method to be a “new creation in Christ” (2 Corinthians 5:17) which God will not honor.

Sadly, when we speak of repentance so many repent of their acts of sin… and rightfuly so. However, they don’t realize or understand that it is their rebellion against God and His prescribed order for our victory (faith in the Cross of Christ) that continues to allow these acts of sin to occur.  In other words, all too often we repent of what we did but are blind to why we did what we did.

If we are oppressed, depressed, obsessed or what ever our particular bondage might be, we must seek to understand WHY this victory is not ours.   We often repent of what we do but don’t understand why we do.  At some point rebellion against God’s prescribed order for the victory you seek has occured.  Faith was transferred from the proper object, the finished work of Jesus Christ, to another method to overcome.  This method is and was readily accepted by the world but rejected by God.

God will only give the victory to His Son, Jesus Christ.  Our victory was purchased with His Blood. We must decide daily in Whom we will believe.  As for me, I know in Whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him (2 Timothy 1:12).

Are you persuaded?

-Donna Clark Warren


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