Simplicity in Christ

2Cor113But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it: for in the day that you eat thereof you shall surely die.” Genesis 2:17

Before the fall of man due to Adam’s original sin, mankind did not understand “good and evil”.  They fell from knowing God (God conscious) to knowing good and evil (self conscious). Adam and Eve were once spiritually alive unto God and knew only Him.  Eve being deceived by satan, ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil but Adam, being not deceived, willfully chose to disobey God (Genesis 3:4-6).

This knowledge of good which led to the spiritual death of mankind became the moral authority of mankind; a vain philosophy or religion given to reconcile man unto God yet God does not recognize.

Many recognize the knowledge of evil.  We can easily see the vice of satan which has authority over this worldly system.  It is the “good” that deceives. The philosophies cloaked in Scripture are equated with the Truth of the  Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified, yet they are another gospel with another Jesus because they are leavened…puffed up with vain words.

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte (convert), and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.” Matthew 23:15

Vain philosophies, a search for truth in an attempt to convert or be converted to that which is “good” according to the knowledge of good and evil is NOT the simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.” 2 Corinthians 11:3

Jesus Christ came to die on Calvary’s Cross to pay the penalty of sin for sinners and break the power of sin for Believers.  He is alive, sitting at the Right Hand of the Throne of God searching for hearts perfect toward Him…to show Him self strong on their behalf (2 Chronicles 16:9).  Yet we, His Children, unknowingly render His redeeming work as insufficient when we seek a philosophy instead of simple faith…faith in Jesus, Who He is and what He has done to provide all we need according to His riches in glory.

One cannot be born again and made spiritually alive through vain philosophies.  One cannot partake in God’s Divine Nature through humanistic psychology. There is but one Way, one Truth and one Source of Life and His Name is Jesus Christ…be determined to know nothing else among you.

Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these you might be partakers of the Divine Nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.” 2 Peter 1:4

-Donna Clark Warren


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