You shall not offer the blood of MY SACRIFICE with leavened bread;…” Exodus 23:18
The Sacrifices offered in the Old Testament were God’s Sacrifices. These sacrifices did not remove sin from man’s account but they restored fellowship between God and fallen man. There remained a veil of which sinful man could not cross. These sacrifices were GOD’S sacrifices…not man’s and they were not to be offered with any leaven.
I remember in church one Sunday morning if February, 2015 realizing that we were offering up to God Cain’s offering and not His. What we were partaking in was not God’s Prescribed Order for victory, Jesus Christ and Him cruficied, but our churches man made doctrine which was being taught as Biblical doctrine.
We must understand, Jesus Christ, is GOD’S Sacrifice. Not only did Jesus Christ die to pay sin’s penalty (death) for the believing sinner, taking it away from our account and nailing it to His Cross but He also broke the power of sin for Believer. When WE add our leaven, whatever that leaven may be to GOD’s Sacrifice, Jesus Christ, for our Salvation OR our Sanctification, we are offering up to God Cain’s sacrifice. Whatever we add to and take from the Cross of Christ, whether it be a religious ordinance or a vain oblation, for that which the Cross of Christ afforded us, we make the Cross of Christ of no effect.
The Cross of Christ Jesus is sufficient. God’s Sacrifice is the only Way, only Truth and only Life given that we may live unto God.
Jesus Christ and Him crucified, GOD’S Sacrifice for fallen man, GOD’s Prescribed order for victory over the world, the flesh and the devil…be determined to know nothing else among you.
-Donna Clark Warren

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