Romans 8:35 “Who shall separate us from the Love of Christ?” The only thing that can separate us from the love of the Lord is us. Even then, He still loves us. We are protected from all the outside forces of evil but we are not protected from ourselves. We have a free will. Once we willingly accept Jesus and The Cross we are declared righteous by the Lord. We as sinners, still living in this world will still fall; we will never be perfect. Jesus was and will always be the only truth and light. However, God knows our hearts. He knows our struggles and has sent us His Holy Spirit to help teach and guide us back to the path of God’s righteousness when we do fall. God does not forsake us, He forgives us. For us to condemn the work of God in someone’s life is condemning God. We as Christians are not here to condemn, we are here to declare the Word of God and show the love of Jesus. Bless those who condemn you and pray for their understanding. God is the one who justifies, not us. The suffering of God’s righteous will always lead to His glory revealed when we bless those who the enemy is using.


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