After Jesus performed the miracle of bread and fish He rushed to the mountain to pray. He knew “men” would try to exalt Him. When we allow our fellow men and women to exalt us it takes all of the glory away from God. Pride over gifts the Lord gives you is not of God. However, recognizing your weakness and the Lord’s strength should make us more humble and dependent on Him. We can always discern between the works of the flesh and the works of the Holy Spirit by to whom they are giving the glory.   Works of the flesh will always glorify man but fruit of the Spirit will always glorify God.   The fruit of the Spirit is never to exalt the person who is bearing the fruit, nor do they obtain God’s favor for bearing His fruit.   However, He will allow them to retain that fruit as long as they are using it to glorify Him and not themselves. In every good thing, glorify God. In every bad thing glorify God for the good things. All the enemy wants is some attention. When we exalt ourselves and don’t glorify God for bearing HIS fruit, we are glorifying evil. Receive His fruit, glorify the Lord then rush to the mountain and praise Him!


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