With God nothing is impossible. To Christians this registers deep in our soul. To unbelievers its just another “Christian saying”. Thankfully, God does not give up on us even when we don’t feel like anything is possible. We will never rise above the limitations of our character. Our character is exactly what God has to work on in order for us to handle His will for our life which is far beyond our limitations. When we finally come to realize the Spirit of God is walking with us everyday, lovingly wanting to help and not condemn, we understand God’s grace. Yes, with God anything is possible as long as we don’t put “our” limitations on His abilities. When God starts working, He works fast. He will build your character, keep you, teach you and then take you to the next level of His plan. Sometimes the “teaching” part is the hard part. We may not understand why God is allowing something to happen in our lives. This is when the Holy Spirit gives you the faith, knowledge, wisdom and most of all peace. Receive that peace the Holy Spirit offers, pray for understanding and NEVER give up on God – that is precisely what the enemy is trying to achieve. Even satan knows ALL things are possible with God!


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