Obedience – Thanks be to God for His Holy Spirit who gives us the understanding, knowledge and wisdom that obedience is not difficult when you WANT to please God. When you want to be a part of Jesus’ joy because of His sacrifice, obedience comes easy. Obedience requires discipline which the Holy Spirit provides strength to endure. Many times we have faith but lack the discipline required for God to fully bless us. Partial disobedience is the same thing as rebellion. We can’t pick and choose the parts we want God to bless and then handle the rest on our own. God is either God of all or God of nothing. The power provided to us by the Holy Spirit is dependent on our obedience. This power is NOT power over people but power over the enemy. Jesus did not come to condemn us for not being obedient. He came to save us. His strength came through the power of the Holy Spirit. Everything Jesus endured was to show us the love of God and the power of His Spirit. That same spirit, the Holy Spirit that gave Christ the ability to heal and perform miracles is still walking this earth today desperately wanting to help us obey and achieve God’s will in our lives. He is stepping over religious creeds and ready to guide this world into a Holy Ghost revival….all He is waiting on is us.


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