Our mortal bodies are neutral. They are empty vessels. They can yield to the spirit of sin or the Spirit of God. Our mortal bodies are creative and powerful yet empty. We are the ones who determines the fullness of our vessels and by which spirit it will be filled. Because of Jesus and the Cross we have dominion over the spirit of sin AS LONG AS we are filled with the Spirit of God. We stay filled with the Spirit of God by faith. Faith in God, covered under the blood of Jesus and living under His grace will leave no room for the spirit of sin to enter into a filled vessel. Being half full is being lukewarm. We cannot be neither hot nor cold. We can’t choose which parts are filled with what. We are either sold out to God or sold out to the enemy. God created our powerful vessels to be filled with His glory and righteousness and to prosper and be in good health. Prosperity is not necessarily “financial” prosperity. Prosperity is your personal relationship with Jesus, understanding His grace and receiving His Spirit. Live YOUR life to its full potential by filling your vessel with the Spirit of God. Make an investment in your prosperity by seeking the Lord. Seek the mind of Jesus and reflect God’s glory!


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