God is the same God all of the time. He is only as far as we stray. When the Lord blesses us and we’re high on that mountain, we sing His praises. Then, at other times, we are in the valley wondering why. It is not necessarily that we have “strayed”. God did not promise us there would be no suffering in this world. However, He did make provisions for us to overcome the suffering by sending us His Holy Spirit to be a comforter, to strengthen and to give us the wisdom and knowledge we need to get through the valley. God’s word is infallible and His timing is perfect. If not for Jesus and the Cross and Jesus ascending to Heaven, we would not have the gift of the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, so many believers and nonbelievers don’t understand, utilize and receive this gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not an “it” but a “He”. He is a part of the Godhead; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He is gentle and kind. We often, albeit unknowingly, hurt the Holy Spirit with our actions and words. He is with us always, wanting to help each of us carry out God’s will in our lives. Seek His guidance and listen. He is the one sent here to help us through the valley.


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