July 2nd, 2014

How do we limit God?  We limit God when we limit ourselves.

The god of this world is satan.  The gospel is really simple.  Jesus came to this world in the flesh, sin free and perfect.  He was crucified for sins He did not commit, our sins.  While on the Cross He willingly limited  Himself in the flesh and died to pay, once and for all, our sin debt.  Jesus’ resurrection proved to us there is a God in Heaven who loves us. (John 3:16)   The enemy knows the power of God.  As soon as Jesus fooled the enemy by willingly “giving up the Ghost”, satan realized our God in Heaven would resurrect Jesus, exalt Him and all of the enemy’s deceit and lies would be forever exposed.    Satan realized, as god of this world, he was defeated.

Just as satan realizes he is defeated, he wants us to believe we are defeated as well.  What do we believe? Do we believe what we can see with our own two eyes; what we hear, smell, taste and can touch?  Our circumstances, the tangible things of this world, quickly become what we believe when we limit God.  However, there is that “sixth sense” if you will, that gut feeling, instinct, longing for more than the tangible things of this world are offering.  THAT is our God in Heaven speaking directly into our spirit.  THAT feeling, which is completely intangible, is the Holy Spirit bearing witness with our spirit that we are a child of God.  When we believe in what Jesus did for us at the Cross, our spiritual eyes are opened and we begin to see the “gut feeling”, that has been there all along,  is the life God wants us to have.  The enemy has caused too many of us to limit God for too long by making us believe in the tangible things;  by keeping the blinders on our spiritual eyes.  Don’t make the gospel harder than it is.  By accepting Jesus as our Saviour, we are not just making mental assent, we are believing who He is – the Son of God, and what He has done for us at Calvary.  “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved,” Acts 16:30-31 .  Until we believe, we will remain spiritually blind.  As long as we are spiritually blind, that “gut feeling” remains in our gut forever and we can never live the life God intended for us.  The god of this world, satan, has been defeated.  Don’t let him convince you that you are defeated as well.  Listen to your gut .  – Donna Warren



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