July 3rd, 2014

Praise and worship – do we really understand it?  Do we really feel it?  Do we know why?  Do we go to church on Sunday mornings, sing the Lord’s praises, hear His Word and then check that off of our list of things to do that week?  Then we wake up Monday morning and the “world” gives us a big dose of reality.   What happens when we do everything we’re suppose to do and our prayers are still not answered?  Are “we” doing something wrong?

It is through a personal relationship with God and knowing His Word that that these questions are answered.  It is His Word that says “Be not conformed to this world…” Romans 12:2, when the “world” slaps us in the face.   We don’t let the world conform our reality, we let the Word of God conform our reality.   The Bible says “For the Lord corrects and disciplines everyone whom He loves…” Hebrews 12:6.  When we feel God isn’t answering our prayers, is He trying to show us something, to teach us something or maybe even protect us from something?  There is a difference in “practicing” sin and the process of learning.  As Christians, we will always be in the process of learning.  It is what we do with what we have learned that matters.  Do we use the revelation we received to glorify our flesh or do we praise God for giving us the understanding?  When we pray for God’s will in our life, we also must pray for understanding the difference between His will and our will.  His will is unlimited, ours is limited by our circumstances.

The enemy is defenseless against all of our spiritual weapons but he can easily defend against carnal and religious traditions.  God’s grace and mercy is all around us.  It is only when we “understand” God’s grace that we can actually “see” His grace.  I had a lady, Sister Margaret Burford, pray for me one time.  While she was praying she prayed for God to “give me understanding”.  As soon as a word from God is spoken, the devil immediately comes and tries to take it away.  Therefore, at first I was confused – I thought I did understand – I didn’t understand what I was suppose to understand!  God is not a God of confusion though.  I too began to pray for understanding.  That is when I began to “see” why we praise and worship Him.  I began to “see” His grace flowing through others.  I also began to “see” the enemy working through others but “understood” it was the enemy using them and they needed God’s grace too.  If we as Christians don’t show them God’s grace, the enemy certainly never will.  Many of you already have the understanding and see God’s grace.  But for many, they don’t “understand” it is God who is holding them up, lifting them up and teaching them;  that they too are in a learning process.  We praise God because He loves us enough to teach us His ways even when we think our way is better.   We praise God for giving us the understanding we need and keeping His hand on us until we see.  – Donna Warren


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