July 7th, 2014

Prosperity is not just financial prosperity, it is also spiritual prosperity.  Prosperity is not always tangible.  The inheritance we leave to our loved ones is not only our abundance, but our lack as well.  Spiritual prosperity only comes through faith in Jesus.  Turning OUR life over to the Lord is easy, but what about turning someone else over to the Lord?  Many times it is harder to trust God with the life of a loved than it is with your own life.  Seeing someone we love hurt or struggle brings out the Mama bear in even the toughest men and women.  Our flesh takes over, our hearts break and our tempers flare . You can run over me but you can’t run over mine!  Worry, fear and anger are not spirits of God.  Realizing that “our” loved one actually belongs to God is a peace that can only come from the Holy Spirit.   As Christians, we know how much the Lord loves us but we can’t forget He loves them just as much.   We don’t have to “beg” God to take care of them, they are His children also.  We pray for them, we love them, we help them when we can and then we stay out of God’s way.   Truth of the matter is, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,” John 3:16.  Our souls AND our loved ones souls were bought and paid for at a very high price.  This price was not paid out of greed.  This price was paid so “that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” 3 John 1:2.  Going even deeper, “our” loved ones are not “ours” at all.  We did not pay for them therefore, we do not own them.  They are gifts from God.  They are in our lives to show us the love of God.  We cannot love them more or protect them better than God.  The only way we can really protect them is to lead them to the Lord and let Him do the rest.  As a Christians, we accept the mantle God has trusted us with by leaving them with an inheritance that will last them into eternity; an inheritance of believing in Jesus and trusting in God.- Donna Warren


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