July 8th, 2014

Satisfied or lukewarm?  Knowing who we are in the Lord brings deep satisfaction.  We stop caring what the world thinks and focus on pleasing God.  However, it doesn’t matter if we have been a Christian 5 days or 5 decades the Lord always has more for us to do in His Kingdom.  There is no such thing as a lukewarm Christian, there is no in between.  Many of us know Jesus, but even the devil knows Jesus.  It is our personal relationship with God that ignites the fire.  Our denomination is not what we stand on, it is the Word of God.  Being a Christian is believing and having faith in Jesus and the Cross.  We don’t change nor alter the Word of God, we don’t sugar coat the consequences.  A Christian’s faith connects us with God and our love imitates Him.  God gave us our testimony so we can relate the gospel to others.  God gave us His love so we could show others.   God gave us work to do with our testimony and His Word.  Don’t hide your testimony because of what others may think.  God didn’t bring you through it to keep it to yourself.  He brought you through it to show what He has done!   If WE, as Christians, don’t testify of the Lord’s supernatural miracles, signs and wonders in our lives, the enemy wins.     Don’t be lukewarm, give God His glory – go testify! – Donna Warren


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