July 9th, 2014

We all know death, evil, sickness and sorrow.  We see it on the news and we live it everyday.  Whose fault is it that this world is fallen?  Do we blame God?  Sorry – we can’t blame God for any this mess.  The world is literally the kingdom of darkness and God is the one wanting to help us.  We demand our independence then complain and blame God when this world slaps us in the face. Similar to some abusive relationships, the world is our abuser and we keep going back.  Until we reach out and grab a hold to the arm of God, we stay in the abusers hand.  Jesus stands at our door daily wanting to come in and help, even with the smallest of things.  The Lord loved us enough to give us our free will and we failed miserably.  He sent His Son in the flesh to show us His power over the evil that reigns in this world.  Jesus died for us hoping we would use our free will to choose Him.  The words “glory” and “praise” bring thoughts of submission and diminishes our independent spirit.  There is a big difference in the spirit of independence and the Spirit of Freedom.  The spirit of independence is fighting this world on our own in the darkness, the Spirit of Freedom, the Holy Spirit, is fighting this world with God on our side.  God has already won, He wants us to rejoice with Him in His victory.   God created us, not to be His slaves but to be HIS CHILDREN.  He created us to love and cherish.  Yes, evil is still in this world but with God we always have a light guiding us to the open door.  This light, His Holy Spirit, is the light that guides us down Calvary’s road.  God deserves all of our praises but He doesn’t “need” our praises. He “wants” us to praise Him so others can see His light also.  He wants us to give Him the glory so others will know His grace.  If the Lord has given you a reason to praise and glorify Him, GET TO WORK.  If you can’t see any reason because this world is so dark, grab a hold of that arm, His arm – He’s still standing at your door wanting to help.  “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him,” Rev. 3:20.   Go be the light that guides people to Jesus! – Donna Warren


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