July 29th, 2014

THE TONGUE JAMES 3:1-18.  I never realized the power of our words.  The Bible says that we all stumble in many things but if we do not stumble in word  we are a perfect man because only then can we have total control over our entire being.  How is that?  I’ve heard Christians talk about speaking blessings not cursing but I thought that meant don’t swear or cuss.  Then I read James Chapter 3 and began to further understand the power of the tongue.

Did you know you are not qualified to teach God’s Word unless you can control your own tongue?  Teachers of God’s Word will receive a stricter judgement.  Some people believe Christians are weak because we don’t or won’t speak our mind.  They think we let people run over us because we try to do what is right while others keep doing wrong.  Then on the other extreme some may think we are self righteous because we can’t control our tongue.  There is a big difference in meekness and weakness.  I think we have all been in situations where its hard to control our mouth  It takes A LOT more strength to keep our mouth shut and turn the other cheek than it does  to spew out “our” wrath on someone when we are angry.  Sometimes its much harder to show someone the “love of Jesus” than it is to show them the “love of Donna” because Donna may not be loving them so much at the time.

We can tame every wild beast but we can’t tame our tongue.  We curse our neighbor and praise God with the same tongue.  James 3:11 “Does a spring send forth fresh water and bitter from the same opening?”  The Bible talks about putting a bit in a horses mouth and we control it’s whole body or how a small rudder can control the direction of a large ship.  When we begin to understand how the smallest spark can start a huge forest fire, we realize the true meaning of blessings verses cursing.  If we can just bridle our tongue and allow God to take the reigns, He will lead us in the direction we need to go.  However, the problem arises when we only bridle our tongue and don’t allow God to take the reigns – we call that resentment.  I’m not talking about keeping our mouth shut then going to plot our revenge.  I’m talking about keeping our mouth shut, feeling good about not eating off the plate the devil tried to serve us and KNOWING God saw our boldness in standing up in the face of the devil and blessing that very same person the devil is using to curse us – now THAT is a good feeling; knowing we won that battle; knowing we had the strength to tame our tongue.

Our tongue is a strong weapon but it can also be our weakest defense.  With our tongue we declare and decree; we swear our allegiance.  As Americans we swear our allegiance to the Flag and truly believe in everything it stands for.  Why then is it so hard to believe, declare, decree and swear allegiance to the Word of God and everything it stands for as well?  Was this nation not built on the very Word of God?  Every single one of us were born with a purpose in the image of God.  It is not until we seek God to find our purpose that we know His will.    The enemy will use our tongue for his purposes if we allow.  When we use our tongue to speak God’s Word, the Lord sends His angels to work; to bless and protect us.  On the other hand, we can spew out the word’s of the enemy, “our wrath” upon the world.

Although I may stumble, thanks to the Word of God I better understand blessings instead of cursing and I choose blessings.   I pray and speak blessings of life, redemption and God’s will over all my family and friends.  God bless you all!!  – Donna Warren


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