The Good Fight

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

Our faith in Jesus Christ and His work on the Cross is the basis of our salvation.  Our faith is also the bullseye of the enemy.  If he can destroy our faith, he then destroys our salvation.  The wage of sin is death; of which was provided by Jesus on our behalf.

Faith is the “act” of believing in Jesus.  If we therefore “believe” in Jesus we must also believe in His “reason” which in turn produces faith in His works on the Cross.  God responds to our faith in Jesus, not our knowledge of Jesus.  Our innate seed of faith then meets with God’s grace, ability and power to produce a supernatural effect.

The bottom line among all of this “knowledge” is one thing; one truth which is the simple Gospel – it all begins at the Cross of Jesus and actually believing in Him; our Lord and Saviour.  That and that alone, the mustard seed of faith that is planted in us the day we are born, is what grows and produces fruit when we feed, water and guard it.

Our faith that is produced through our belief can grow strong.  It becomes bold and relentless against all the forces of darkness.  It is our direct line to God who has all power and dominion over the enemy.  Our faith is our covering.  The crosshairs of the enemy are locked on our faith.  Afflictions and deceit are snares of the enemy aimed at our faith.  Confusion, fear, offense and pride all try to chip away at our faith.  When we recognize these things for what they are, weapons of satan, we stay strong in the faith.

Sometimes we may stumble over these offensive weapons of the enemy BUT, and I mean BUT with emphasis added, we are not covered by the Blood of Jesus to be on the defense!!  Jesus did not shed His Blood for us to be wimps of Christ.  The Lord shed His Blood for us to take authority over ALL works of evil in our life through our faith in His power.  We cannot passively allow the enemy to walk on the Blood of Jesus, in which we are covered.   We don’t want to slip in the back door of Heaven with our seed of faith stumped by the enemy.  Nourish and guard that seed, declare your faith in Jesus boldly in the face of the enemy and go sliding in to those pearly gates like you have just won, exceedingly and abundantly, the race of your life….because you have! – Donna Warren

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