See to Believe

If we have to see to believe we will never see or if we do see we stumble right over it.  How often do we stumble over offense in the Body of Christ?  Words can provoke others to be offended.  When we speak, what spirit are we provoking?  Are we provoking others to sin (to be offended) or are we glorifying God’s work in our lives?

What about what we hear?  What if we’re on the receiving end of that provocative word?  The spirit of offense has both an offensive and a defensive team.  Sometimes our eyes don’t see the spirit that our ears our hearing our tongue is using….sometimes we stumble.

What do we do when our brothers and sisters in Christ are offended or offend?  It’s easy to brush off the unbelievers when they offend us, but when our own brothers and sisters in Christ offend us…WELL, the audacity of it all!  We must recognize offense as what it is and where it comes from.  We must treat the offender and the offended as we would anyone else who is being afflicted by the devil.  We must pray them through…not until we’re through but until THEY are through.  If we saw a little old lady on the sidewalk get her purse snatched we would chase the thief down and get her purse for her.  Why are we letting the enemy steal our loved ones peace?  That stumbling, offended or offending Christian is having their very soul stolen by the thief.  The thief steals their soul, then isolates them in the spirit of offense.

The Lord will not allow the enemy to divide and conquer His Body.  The Body of Christ WILL unite. The spirit of offense has been called out by Christians all over the world.  It has been recognized as coming straight from the pits of hell.  If you have been offended by someone or have offended someone – reach out in a spirit of meekness.  Pray for understanding, seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit, then come into agreement with the Word of God.  Whether they receive or not…you will.   1 Corinthians 13:13 “And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”    – Donna Warren



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