Many in the world abhor sin against another. Parents punish one child for sinning against another. Laws are in place, and rightly so, to punish one who commits a crime against another and we, both sinners and Saints, applaud the systems set in place to enforce wrongful doing against one another.
Here is what we must recognize though as we give accolades to those who abhors sin against one another, how does that same person respond to sin against God?
To be sure, all sin is sin against God but so many professing Christians will turn a blind eye to those who are committing open sin against God and allow/condone such abomination among their own.
We are to forgive others their trespasses against us as the Lord forgives us our trespasses. However, that same spirit that abhors sin against another, should also be quick to abhor sin against God.
Then on the flip side, we have the zealous modern day Pharisees who take to social media regularly who abhor sin against God and once again I must say rightfully so, but the very sin they are committing against others, the simulated love of one toward another, the abhorrence they have toward their Brothers and Sisters is Christ for their ignorance of the Word of God is also sin against God.
Just because someone is where you are in their walk with the Lord doesn’t exclude them from the Kingdom of Heaven. Instead of going about the day trying to disqualify God’s Children from being God’s Children, why don’t we love them as we love ourselves in hopes they will follow us as we follow Christ.
We cannot follow Christ until we deny ourselves and pick up our cross (the blessings Jesus afforded us at Calvary). Why would a babe in Christ want to follow one whose zeal for God is sincere but sincerely wrong. They may know the Word backward and forward but I remind you, so does the devil.
The Believer is the light of the world. We are seasoned with salt. He in Whom we have believed will keep us in the fiery trials. As we stand on His Word amongst the Saints and the sinners, HE will be glorified…not us. The people will see the Holy Spirit working in us and through us as we continue looking daily to Jesus Christ and Him crucified. The “straight stick” of which we live will reveal the crooked stick without us ever having to say a word.
I heard a preacher say this morning that everyone is coming out of the closet except for the Believers. Amen!! Consider which camp you may be in. Do you abhor sin against one another AND sin against God? One is a social justice gospel and the other is a religious gospel but neither one is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified.
“9 Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.
10 Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honor preferring one another;” Romans 12:9-10
-Donna Clark Warren

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