Hallelujah, Thank You Jesus!

You know that feeling you get when nothing really out of the ordinary is happening but you just want to give a “Hallelujah, thank you Jesus” shout out for the world to hear. I’m sitting at home alone and the neighbors may call the police on me if I open the door and start screaming. Well, I don’t know, there’s a couple of them that just may join in.

I’m venturing off into a new chapter in my life. Taking baby steps has never been my thing. Usually I jump in with both feet and punt. Sometimes it would work and sometimes I would fall flat on my face. However, there’s just something a little different this time. I guess its a “God thing” as they say. The Holy Spirit is gentle when He guides you. He will let you take a step, all the while staying focused on Him.  Then when you don’t sink and your faith is a little stronger, you take another step. Before you realize, you’re standing on the water wanting to scream out your front door “Hallelujah, thank you Jesus!”.

So be warned, this “God thing” can make you feel giddy for no apparent reason… to anyone else at least. From the outside looking in you may think my husband and I have lost our minds. Not only have I started a new adventure but so has he. But glory to God, we have seen God’s work in both of our lives. I’m going to give the short version of his testimony and pray he doesn’t mind (y’all pray with me please).

Several years ago he went into business for himself.   He prayed about it and took that step.    The business seemed to be doing good when all of a sudden things started to change.  After much prayer,  heartache, hard work and money invested he had to close down and go back into the corporate world….which can be hard once you’ve been self employed.

After several months back in the corporate world, he went to the doctor. From the doctor’s office, he went for tests, then straight to the hospital and operating room. Turns out he had to have a quadruple bypass. Three of his arteries were 95% blocked and one, the “widow maker”, was 100% blocked.  At the time, when his business closed, it may have seemed like God had failed him. That could not be further from the truth.   The devil tried to curse him but God had a bigger plan.  If he would have still been self employed he would have not had any insurance.  If he would have not had any insurance, he would not have gone to the doctor.  If he would not have gone to the doctor, he would not be my husband today….his son would not have his father today.   The corporate job he “had” to get because his business failed, was a blessing – even though it didn’t seem like it at the time.

They say you’re never suppose to look back unless its to see how far the Lord has brought you.  So sometimes when you do look back,  it makes you want to run out the door screaming “Hallelujah, thank you Jesus!”.   It will cause you to go ahead and take that step because you know no matter what happens the Lord is with you.  God’s arms are long and His hands are strong.  He can reach down into your turmoil and guide you out of the darkness.

So, yes, even when the world seems unstable, even when the storms are raging all around, I want to open the front door and scream.  God’s grace, mercy and love is still shining in this world. His light still burns brightly for those who choose to see.   Our testimonies shine His light when we tell them.  You never know what the person standing beside you in the grocery store has been through.  They may need to see a little light today.  They may need to see your Jesus – go testify!  – Donna Warren


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